The Day The Inner Bark Turned Brown

The day the inner bark of the tree turned brown

Was the day I finally felt alive

I felt each goosebump on my flesh

I felt each ripple down my spine


I breathed the air that I took for granted

It was so soft and sweet

I smelled the droplets of the rain that fell

From the shriveled curves of each uniquely shaped leaf


I let my feet graze the ground

The grass; it was so soft


I didn’t protect my skin from the sun

I just basked in its heinous glow


I stopped by the homeless man on the corner

And I listened to his story


I called every friend and member of my family

And told them how much I loved them


The day my inner bark turned brown

Was the day I finally began to appreciate life

For what is the point of taking things for granted

If one day, we shall die


So moving forward I will not take any moment for granted

I will live

I will love

Til the moment I close my eyes


Life is too short to take for granted

Don’t wait to grasp it when you are dying inside


“Too many times we don’t appreciate the small things in life until we realize our life is about to expire. Take time to enjoy life and the people who make life worth living. One of the biggest regrets in life is forgetting to actually live.” – Monica Renata