Daily Motivation: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

It has been so long since I had one of those long blog posts where I just talk… And you know what, today I actually feel like talking..lol.


I guess the topic of today is don’t let the small things in life get you down. Don’t let life get you down PERIOD!


Sure bad things happen.

Sure things don’t go your way!

But that is life.

I know that at times it can be so painfully hard to be positive in such a negative world but JUST TRY TO BE POSITIVE! Your attitude actually has the ability to shape your entire day. You know how many days you practically wasted being in a negative funk? Think about it, you know the days in which you were just totally bummed with life? Those days when you just sat at home, alone, in the dark, sulking and having that “woe is me” attitude? What a total waste!!!!!!!! You could have been doing something fun! You could have gone out dancing! You could have gone out with friends! You could have sat on a beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather! You could have been doing so many things that would have made you smile!!!! BUT, instead, you decided to drown in your sorrow….. and at the end of the day, nothing good came from that.


I guess to sum this up, all I want to say is enjoy your life and don’t let things get you down. It’s okay to cry and be down every now and then but don’t let those feelings consume you. Life is too short to be down all the time.


Life is too short to not enjoy it!

Smile more!

Do what makes you happy!

Enjoy and Love each second of your life!

I know it sounds so simple….and yet so hard at the same time. But trust me; life is too short to sweat the small stuff. The days I regret the most were the days I didn’t live. The days I didn’t live were the days I decided to let sadness overcome me. Those days I was just there…and I don’t want anyone to be that way because it was a total waste!


So do what makes you happy! Have a positive outlook on life and LIVE. Sure bad things happen, but you have to remember that even after the nastiest thunderstorm, the sun still comes out and shine. JUST LIVE! And don’t sweat the small stuff because in the end it isn’t worth it.


Have a great day!!!


-Monica Renata