Connect With Me 4

I write when I am happy…I write when I am sad. At the end of the day I enjoy writing and also encouraging others. We all go through rough patches in life, and that is okay.

But Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy it. Access to my social sites are available on my main page. In addition, if you would like me to write about a certain topic, please tell me and I can try to make it happen. After all, the purpose of this site is to encourage others and also help them through hard times… I know that writing has helped me through hard times as well…But yeah……

Fill yourself with happiness with each breath you take. Don’t let the past determine what your future shall be. Smile throughout the stormiest weather and laugh even when you are in pain. Life is too beautiful to stress over things that last mere seconds in our lifetime………………..Life is too short to be anything but happy.-Monica Renata

…and if you are having a bad day remember this:

At some point amidst your tears, you have to decide if these tears are worth anything. Are you crying a river just to cry a river? Or are you crying a river so you can travel further along into your future? – Monica Renata

I really hope this page helps others. Feel free to contact me via comments or via email. I am a staunch believe in “You never know who your words can touch”.

-Monica Renata