Confessions of the Heart

Confessions of the Heart
By: Monica Renata
Truth is I really care for you
Honestly, I do
Yet my heart cannot fully take
All you put me through
Truth is you make me smile
You make me smile on countless days
Yet the times when I am sad
You make me feel ashamed
Wrapped up in my own emotions
Trying to gain shelter from the storm
That you created with your words
That seems to keep getting strong
Wind whipping at my face
Rain flooding up to my neck
Drowning in my love for you
That you don’t seem to get
Truth is, I really want you
Honestly, I do
But what am I to think
When I am constantly abused
Taken advantage of daily
Yet you think I’m blind and cannot see
I’m just a stepping stone to your future success
And you step right over me
This weight I bear is heavy
I can no longer help you if you don’t help me
Truth is, I really love you

But I have to start loving me

Monica Renata 
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