Closed Mouth



 Quite talkative am I 

When I have so much to say

But there seems to be one topic

That just takes my words away


it’s like traveling in a funnel

And I am whirling down

Yet I cannot let out a scream 

Nor any other sound


Quite talkative am I 

When I am at the center of the room

I hold the attention of everyone

But it is different with you


I gaze in your eyes and want to say it

But to me the time is always too soon

I guess what I’m trying to say

Those three words people say when they jump the broom


But I’ll show you in my gestures

I’ll show you with my kind words

I’ll show you as I make you smile

I’ll show you as I put you first


Quite talkative am I

We both know this to be a fact

But it’s hard for me to tell you I love you

But hopefully one day this will pass




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