Cliche Love Poem

Cliché Love Poem
By: Monica Renata
If I knew a billion words
If I knew the right words to say
I would tell you exactly how much you take my breath away
If I had a nice big raincoat
If I had a boat to sail the sea
I would tell you that I would cross the oceans for you to be with you always
If I could pick some flowers
If I could recite their colors too
I would tell you roses are red, and so are my cheeks when I see you
For when I’m without you I feel as if I can’t breathe
For I can’t image my world without you
To find you I would cross the many seas
You are the brightest flower in the bunch
You are the one who I choose
And I love that you love me for me
So here is what else I would do
If you wanted a bowl of cereal
If there was no milk in the fridge
I would run to the store across the street to see you smile like a kid
If you were caught in the storming rain
If you tripped in a puddle and messed up your shoes
I would have a warm pair of clothes ready for you and also a bowl of warm soup
If you were having a bad day
If you felt like the world was against you
I will be your number one fan, and let you know that your special!
Oh the many things I would do
To express my love for you
I guess there are many ways I can “Do” what I always say
I love you, I love you, I love you