Changing Others

You can’t change other people
You can’t make someone see what you see
And too many times we put in time and effort to try to accomplish those things

But people are people
They are entitled to feel how they feel
And their emotions may be dependent on your actions
But you can’t control how they feel

You can’t change someone
You can’t make them see things your way
They have to want to change themselves
And observe others perspectives about things

So stop trying to make this happen
Stop trying to force others to believe
Because they will listen when they want to listen
And speak when they want to speak
You say a thousand words and they only heard 3
You can’t change what doesn’t want to be changed
You can only just wait and see

Sometimes change takes a while in a person
And they need to realize that change starts with M-E
And even with change within yourself
You must realize that it always starts with YOU

It’s that simple….