It’s like I want to be there But then again I don’t   The uncertainty of the future Scares me And moving forward I won’t   I could enjoy the random adventures I could enjoy you holding my hand   But the moment you give us a definition I run […]

Commitment Dilemma

    Carved a stream for your land That branched from the river of generosity   Provided your crops a taste of progress Which before they could not drink   Made sure your trenches were always clear So your evolution would not be halted   Your crops grew beautifully in […]

Stream of Lethe

   I hated when you took pictures of me You never gave me time to smile   Always taking random pictures Each time we traveled in and out of town   From the time I found a four leaf clover Or the time when I climbed a hill and tumbled […]

Random Photos

    I watched you stare love in the face And tell them you loved them so Stripped their body of all garments As you preyed on their loving soul         Drain the peace from their mind And claim the plunder that you truly seek All the […]

Observation Of Betrayal

  One day I’ll sit and write Til the ink in my pen dries For I have keep in so many thoughts Yet friends can see it in my eyes   I have climbed the highest mountain And then fell all the way down I have had my heart full […]

The Revivification

Daisies in the desert Yet no one seen them bloom Beautiful petals shimmered And were grounded by a fibrous roots   Daisies in the desert As wind blows so do the seeds But each is planted in an area In which they will never be seen   Daisies in the […]

Daisies in the Desert

Two embers once burned And soon created a flame Once the two finally made contact They were able to ignite a blaze A flame so fierce and bold That it lit up every room A flame that burned for years And till this day it still do Generating a heat […]

Fire to Smoke

​Ball of lava thrown at your feet You watch the floor before you burn   Venom spews from your mouth You poison your fictional lover with words   You see the devastation you have caused And you simply walk away   For what is the point in arguing If you […]

Puppeteer’s Demise

In the spring time I sat and waited As flowers bloomed from the magnolia trees Putting off my next moves For I thought I knew what the season would bring The wind blew through my hair And droplets of rain caressed my cheeks Yet the only thing that change one […]

Seasons Change

Removal of the items That conceals most of my flesh   Prepare myself for entry I take one long deep breath   Into the depths of you I dive Plunging into the dark   To venture deep into your mind And swim beside your thoughts   A journey I shall […]

Deep Dive

​Curtains on your beautiful eyes No longer able to see the truth   Thoughts cloudy because of your negative mind Sweet thoughts do not consume you   Truth, honesty, and wisdom Simply in front of your face   Yet you refuse to see the good in the world Because you […]

The Broken Man

  Sunny skies of yesterday Moon begins to rise Kiss of honey Teakwood scent Time to turn off the lights   Fingertips glide across Lukewarm patches of flesh Wet lips grip Time elapse Last ounce of energy left   Two forms in the night Two forms ignite Two forms come […]


     Quite talkative am I  When I have so much to say But there seems to be one topic That just takes my words away   it’s like traveling in a funnel And I am whirling down Yet I cannot let out a scream  Nor any other sound   […]

Closed Mouth

The day the inner bark of the tree turned brown Was the day I finally felt alive I felt each goosebump on my flesh I felt each ripple down my spine   I breathed the air that I took for granted It was so soft and sweet I smelled the […]

The Day The Inner Bark Turned Brown

You say that you are a paper pusher But you know you just aren’t happy Walking around with flashy things Riding around in that new caddie   Wrist flashing from your jewelry Dressed from the top of your head to your toes You say that you are a paper pusher […]

Paper Pusher

  Light fades to dark skies   Shoes removed from feet   The body finally sits down   Eyes hang low   I need some sleep     Intoxicated by a daily drug   A drug I can never beat   My walls can no longer surround me   My […]

Late Night Truths

I forgot how to tie my shoes this morning I could not wrap two strings around I could not make that lovely loop Surely when I walk I’ll fall down   My fingers just wouldn’t perform the motion My eyes won’t allow me to see My day cannot get started […]

Late Day

Worries cast to the wind Just like fire to a flame Face to face they will meet But will stay the same A force moving fiercely Worries left behind as the wind pounds my face I cast my worries to the wind Til soon they both stop worrying me  

To the Wind

  The stars that twinkle late at night Let me know that I am alive   Each flicker of light sparkles magically Just like the twinkle in a stranger’s eyes    The dew that hits my cheeks As I lay beneath the stars Feels like the softest touch  As soft […]

Night Life

​I kiss you every morning As I awake from sleep For starting my day with a taste of you Was truly all I need I place your mug on the table And then began to prepare your morning cup of joe For you love your coffee in the morning Right […]

Reward for The Wait

A tree can grow to staggering heights And bloom flowers each spring The leaves could be crisp and new A spectacle for all to see The branches can provide shade On those hot summer days A sanctuary for the little birds That fly around your yard and play A toy […]


      Could you love me like a bottle of water On a hot, humid summer day   Could you savor ever drop of me Even if you thirsted for another drink   Could you wait until the ice in my heart melts Before you just throw me away […]

Ice Ice

I’m surprised that you had student loans After all You are black And things were made for people like you To help with what you think you lack   You see opportunity was given Kind of just thrown at you unlike me They give you jobs you don’t qualify for […]

My Color Friend

  Filled to the brim Almost overflowing Whenever I think of you   The touch of your flesh against my cheeks Makes me feel like I can touch the moon   The kisses that you gift me with I willfully accept them And I can only close my eyes   […]

To the Brim

  In love a seed was planted And in love that seed grew Cells turned into flesh And created a child that I once knew   His lips were like his father’s His eyes were just like mines He even had that signature smirk The same as his dad Which […]

Fallen Son

  Fog tends to be heavy these days The weeds overwhelm the garden grounds Beauty can no longer be seen Even though flowers bloom year-round   In the head resides the beauty But at times we never see For our eyes refuse to look deeper And at times our thoughts […]

Heavy Fog

  They say the man that ventures most At times, does not go far   For he may be across the world But he is caged by his own scars   The realities of what happened in his youth Conflict within him deep   So, miles away he may be […]

Stationary Traveler

Find a Hobby. Then find a way to make money doing it.   Hey everyone! I haven’t had a random post like this for a whole, but I just felt compelled to write today. I have always been a hard worker. At times, I overextend myself, but the truth is […]

Be Happy and Get Paid

   I used to smell the roses Until others said they didn’t have a smell   I used to play in the rain Until I realized it ruined my hair   I used to lay in the sun all day Until others said it was unsafe   I used to […]

Forgotten Me