Carbon Copy of Your Dream

A smile that brightens the midnight sky

Two eyes that in the dark can be seen

Lips that taste like candy

Skin the color of chocolate ice cream


A voice that can awaken those who have so long been asleep

A sway of her hips that hypnotize every man that sees


A masterpiece still in the making

Growth every single day

A woman of such beauty

A woman of such grace


In your head she constantly appears even though so many times she was in your face

You past her up because you she can’t be this perfect so you rather just daydream


But in the end you will settle

Because you know what you want and it is she

But you rather have a carbon copy

Than to behold your actual dream




“Stop being afraid to go after who you really want… Many times we give up on what we want and settle for a copy, but why?” –Monica Renata