Can’t Make You Stay

When your eyes lose that shimmer
When you no longer look for me to hold
I stand in the corner
I stand there all alone
When you walk around in circles
When you open your mouth to speak
I listen to your every word…but..
I am afraid to speak
When you grab all of your belongings
When you tell me you can’t do this anymore
I shield myself from the hurt
I shield myself from being alone
There are many things I could do
There are many things I could say
But what I know for certain
Is I can’t make you stay
For your feet are not here planted
For your mind is made up as you speak
I can’t do anything about it
Obviously you don’t like what you see
I can speak to an entire nation
I can make them feel my words
But to you I am nothing
To you my words are so cold
I could do so many things
There are so many things I could be
But I know I can’t make you stay
If you are determined to leave