Candy Coated

The complete sound of nothingness
The nothingness your lips speak
An invisible cloud in the sky
That drenches me with rain as I sleep

To believe
Or not to
I question this everyday
Until the sounds of your nothingness
Quickly fades away

Confectioners sugar floating around
Your lies… they seem so sweet
Floating around in this room
Allowing me not to see

Oh indeed how sweet it is
To think that I believe your lies
You candy coat all the truths
And believe that my sweet tooth won’t make me question why

The complete sound of nothingness
There is no truth to what you speak
I know this very well
Some nights I cry myself to sleep
Oh how sweet it is to tell a lie
When you think I won’t know the truth
Your candy coated deceit
Is only sweet to you

“Don’t sugarcoat the truth……..It isn’t as sweet as you may think.” -Monica Renata