So much on my plate right now
And I don’t know what to do!!!
And every time I turn around
They are giving me more food!!

I’m hungry but I can not eat
Instead I want to scream right now
I’m standing in a traffic filled street
I’m about to have a breakdown

Stresses of life have been piling up
I swear that they touch the sky!!
And it seems like the only solution
Would be to curl up and die

I’m overwhelmed by so many situations
I have so much to say but I can’t speak
I feel like I’m standing in the middle
Of thousands of school kids at P.E.

I want to talk to someone
But that someone isn’t here
And quite frankly I honestly believe
That they wouldn’t want to hear it

I pulling out my hair
Strand by Strand
And I watch each strand hit the ground
My life use to be up, Up, UP
But now it’s looking down

Swirling endlessly
Loop by Loop
Going down, Down, DOWN
I can’t even hold on to anything to avoid falling
My face is a constant frown
And I’m afraid to voice the words
That I am so scared to speak
But the stresses of life have taken their toll
And have finally gotten to me