Bojo The Bandit

They called him Bojo the Bandit
His teeth were yellow and green 
His hair was wild and very unkempt
His clothes weren’t all that clean
He was always quite
And I could never hear his feet
He always took the pretty things
When everyone was asleep
They called him Bojo the Bandit
He liked to steal many things
He stole moms new dinette set
He stole moms fancy rings
If it wasn’t glued down 
He would take it
He just loved to take all things
And he also told me every day
“You should never want to be me”
They called him Bojo the Bandit
But I still don’t understand
For Bojo was the man who I always called my dad
He took everything from my Mom
He took it while she was sleep
I guess this is the thing that is called divorce
So I won’t speak a peep
For I’m afraid of the next thing he will take….
Perhaps it will be me