Think about all the times you have been called this in your life…
And I’m not talking about the word ‘bitch’ which was popularized by the likes of Paris Hilton and others to refer to their best friend.
I’m talking about the word Bitch
You know, commonly used in the following forms:
“You are being a bitch!!”
“You have a bitchy attitude!”
“You Bitch!”
For quite some time, I have been constantly wondering what makes someone call you such a name. I mean, according to the dictionary I find the following definitions:
Bitch (noun)
1.       The female of the dog or some other mammal
2.       A lewd or immoral woman
3.       A malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman – sometimes used as a generalized term of abuse
4.       Something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant
Now let’s go back to the time someone called you a bitch. Did you fit any of these definitions? Are you a dog? Are you lewd and immoral? Are you malicious and overbearing? Are you a thing? I bet your answer is no. Congrats!!!! I feel the same way. Now if I asked you to pick a definition which fits closely to why you believe you were called a bitch, the majority would choose the third definition which is:
·         Bitch (noun) – a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman – sometimes used as a generalized form of abuse.
You see that last word? ABUSE?
Usually when a female is called a bitch it is usually by a person of the opposite sex. And you know what ladies, so many of us accept this because we feel that “hey, maybe I was getting on his nerves” or “maybe I was being overbearing.” But the truth of the matter is… IT IS STILL ABUSE!
Have you ever looked further into you being called a bitch? Have you ever analyzed the entire situation? Where were you? What was going on? More than likely you two were having an argument, right? And you were taking all of his low blows he was throwing at you. You let him verbally degrade you and you didn’t say a thing. And then a light bulb went off in your head and you realized you shouldn’t be spoken to in such a manner so you decide to SPEAK UP!
You calmly speak and say how you feel and then you are quickly cut off by him saying “You are a bitch!”
At this moment, you are confused because you are standing up for yourself. I mean, isn’t that what you are supposed to do? And as this thought is going through your mind you are standing in complete silent because he is still going on about how you are a bitch and you have a bitchy attitude….
Words have different meanings to different people. Today, I find that many define the word bitch as “A female who takes up for herself”. So if that’s the definition of the word nowadays, then Ladies I suggest that you be the best Bitch that you can be!!!!!
Don’t ever let a man or anyone run over you and think it is okay. Just because someone doesn’t physically hit you does not mean it is not ABUSE. Too many times we let things like this slide because we feel as though we might deserve it just a little, but no one deserves to be verbally abused.
I feel so sorry for the younger children who are in relationships and this happens to them. Verbal abuse can be so much for even an adult to handle. And nowadays it is worst because verbal abuse can not only happen face to face but can also transpire onto social networks.
If you see someone going through this, please help them realize their worth! If someone is calling them a bitch constantly, encourage them to address the situation and if it doesn’t get better LEAVE! If this is you going through the same thing, I suggest you do the same as well.
Never feel bad for standing up for yourself! Neverallow abuse of whatever form to continuously happen again and again and again. Your life has value!! You have worth!! And if someone can’t recognize this, then have the courage to walk away!
-Monica Renata