Better Days Are Coming 1

I’ve seen better days
And of course I have seen worse
But the best days were the sweetest
So sweet that it made me forget the worst

I’ve seen the rain fall from the sky
I’ve seen the sun shine after the storm
And by seeing that reality
I know that my life shall go on

Despite constant struggle
Despite heartbreak and pain
I can always pick myself up
For I know there will be better days

Just like a frown can turn upside down
Just like hope can be restored
Just like hours of work can yield successes
Better days can surely come

For better days are coming
And they shall overshadow your best and worst
Just look forward to tomorrow
For better days are destined to come

“Never dwell on your negative days, for they only last a day. Think about the positive times, and they will help you make a better today. For life isn’t all that easy, and life isn’t all that bad…Just always believe that better days are coming, and your today’s will be better than your past.” –Monica Renata