Best Friend, Best Friend

Best friend, Best friend

I see the look in your eyes

When I obtain success you want to crumble and die


Best friend, Best friend

I can finally see

That you won’t always be there for me


Catty words

A little chit chat

Trying to pierce me words

But I just take that

I won’t  allow you to kill

My joy inside

I just want to be loved tonight


Best friend, Best friend

At times you are killing me

My tears make you happy, as happy as can be


Best friend, Best friend

I just cannot see

Why you are so jealous of me


Smart remarks

Followed by pillow talk

With those who you truly consider your friend

My life you despise

But you won’t tell me why

But you say were best friends



Oh Best Friend, Best friend

You aren’t the best for me

I need to move on so I can be free



Best friend, best friend

I guess it’s true when they say

Sometimes you shake the enemies hand each and every day