Before You Touched Me

I felt you before you touched me

Your words danced like fingers on my skin

You deeply kissed my brain with your knowledge

And my body became ripe from within


You hugged me with your manners

And gripped me tightly with your displays of protection and strength

You caressed me with your kindness

And my body quivered in anticipation of what’s next


I felt you before you touched me

All of my senses were at their peak

I had seen you, heard you, and smelled you

But I couldn’t wait to touch and taste


You made me break down my walls

And in this moment as we both lay

Flesh will unite and turn to one

Long awaited ecstasy shall take place






“Connections come in many forms. Some are shallow, while others are deep. But physical excitement can only be exacerbated when all five sense are at their peak. A purely physical connection can be enjoyable and fun, but sexual climaxes peak when all senses are in tune and become one. ” – Monica Renata 

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