Beautiful Lies

Beautiful Lies
By: Monica Renata
To where I go
To what I must see
It can’t get any better than this
To be surrounded by majestic possessions
To be surrounded by splendor amiss
To wait there oh so silently
Waiting for my lover’s kiss
I fiddle my thumbs endlessly
While I relax in eternal bliss
Walls made from fabricated truths
Truths which you deny
But oh how beautiful the truth looks
When it is draped in a lie
Floors of solid marble
Crystal chandeliers by the door
Sparkling with such splendor
That my tears shall drop no more
For I shall revel in this beauty
This beauty that surrounds me
The beauty that you created when you lied
And made me see only what you wanted me to see
Made my world so pretty
Try to blind me
But your beauty may have distracted me then
But now… I can finally see
“Sometimes we are too afraid to confront individuals when we know they are lieing too us…but why? What is the point in believing a lie even though you may know the truth? The truth may hurt sometimes but it’s better than living in a fairy tale that doesn’t have a great ending” –Monica Renata
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