Be Kind 2

Be Kind
By: Monica Renata

When things aren’t going your way
And when times are really hard
Thank God for the blessings you have received
For in due time there will be more

When negativity surrounds you daily
And it feels like you can’t get away
Don’t let this day consume you
For tomorrow is another day

Harsh words spoken
Mean gestures ensue
It seems like everyone wants to keep you from happiness
But you

Punches thrown
Kicked when you are down
Just get back up
And don’t let them see you frown

For the world can be so many things
It can be full of good or full of bad
But the one thing that is reliant on you
Is the behavior in which you had

For when life isn’t going your way
There are so many things you can do
However if you act on genuine kindness
You’ll be surprised where that leads you to

So be kind to the mean spirited child
Be kind to the angry friend
Be kind to the girl who holds a grudge against you
Be kind to those who’ve caused hurt and cloud your thoughts with sin

For life Is too short
To let hate consume your soul so deep
So instead be kind to others
Despite their actions or words they speak