As I Lay

For months I have been here
For months it was the same thing
Family would come to visit me
They would come for my birthday and sing

To be surrounded by these white walls
Which have no sense of soul
I will lay in my bed
As each day I grow old

The sun rises up each morning
And I wake up to watch
I feel the heat come through my window blinds
I’m surprised that it isn’t hot
To see the it shine upon my skin
It makes me smile a lot
I shall appreciate this day
For today means a lot

The sun goes down
I watch this too
I then watch the moon and the stars
I gaze into the night sky
I wish I could be among the stars
Oh such marvelous beauty
I never use to appreciate
But its amazing how I appreciate
Every second of this day

As I’m about to take a nap
The nurse comes in the room
She says your family is coming tomorrow
And some are flying in too
I smile and then she leaves the room
But deep down I can see
That everyone is coming to see me tomorrow
Obviously something is happening to me

And as that fear strikes me
I find myself restless and not at ease
and I think of all the things I wish
I would have appreciated then
The smell of fresh cut grass
The autumn change of leaves
The smile on my family faces
The youthful version of me

The happiness…the tears…and the moments too
I took it all for granted
Back then I didn’t see things through
For it was the little things in life
That I appreciated the least
But alas I must prepare myself
For my final sleep