Appreciate The Night Sky

Appreciate The Night Sky
By: Monica Renata

Each night is one in the same
The same ole night sky
That glistens with every star above
As the moon just shifts on by
To view this as a miracle
To view this as unique
Would be to say air is so rare
Therefore at night we sleep
To never look in amazement
To miss the shooting stars
To miss the radiance of the moon’s splendor
To not gaze til morning comes
Beautiful indeed
Light that brightens your darkest nights
It deserves a gaze
Yet so many look away and don’t admire the sight
Always there
Yet Forgotten
Yet always tries to shine
Don’t ever forget about your night sky
For soon those stars may die
For once the twinkles are all gone
And once the moon no longer shines bright
The night sky will search for another
Who shall appreciate their light

“Don’t ever take anyone or anything for granted………. For you might lose the one thing that was keeping your world from being consumed by darkness.” – Monica Renata 

Monica Renata 
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