21 Days

21 days
21 nights
Makes you feel lonely
But is this feeling right?

21 days
21 nights
Makes you wonder what is real
But should you even put up a fight?

What’s the point in over-analyzing?
What’s the point in wondering why?
For if it has been 21 days
Why cry for 21 nights?

21 days since you last felt their touch
21 days they continue to say you ask for too much
21 nights you wonder why
21 nights you lay in bed and cry
But why?

Some reasons are valid
Some are just an excuse
For if someone hasn’t seen you in days
It is because they did not want to

To cry over spilled milk is pointless
Just like it crying over a tainted love is
For a love that may have blossomed once
May now taste sour indeed

21 days and 21 nights
In that wait a piece of you dies
But stop waiting for others to come through
For they may say they care but they lie

“Sometimes you have to stop waiting on others to rescue you. Be your own hero! For when you really need others, that may be the time when they lie and say they don’t have the time to help you” -Monica Renata