Was going to be my special day
The day that ice cold wind would blow through my hair
That beautiful Saturday

The day I planned for
Each and every day
Always wishing for it to come
And not a moment too late

The world would feast their eyes on me
A girl dressed like royalty
Walking down the aisle all alone
To greet her groom to be

A beautiful day in my memories
Oh how I thought this would be
But now as time draws near
I know this future isn’t for me

So many times we groom young girls with crazy hopes and dreams.
We tell them that they should be a wife above all and everything
We tell them this is your ultimate success
It will make all of their wishes come true
We tell these girls that if you were good
This would happen to you

But what if that little girl was good
Her entire frickin’ life
And things just didn’t work out for her
Things were just never right
But she has everything else
That a woman should be proud to be
She works hard and has a loving heart
Only thing is, she is not  a wife to be

Is she suppose to bow her head
Bow her head in constant shame
Or is she suppose to keep her head high
And have hopes that things will change
We groom our young girls to think
That being single just isn’t right
They have to hurry and jump the broom
And do everything right

But what about that young girl
Who constantly works hard
She has no time for dating
Cause she is trying to save money to buy a car

And what about the young girl
Who is constantly in her books
She wants to have a good job
So each night she will have something to cook

And what about the young girl
Who wants to be stable first
She is trying to make sure she is secure
So her future family will have a shot

We forget about these young girls
And we look at them in disgust
“Why aren’t you married yet?”
“Your eggs will dry all up!”

But sometimes the loveliest flower
Takes a bit more time to bloom
These girls are just like fruit
And shouldn’t be picked too soon
For they are waiting until they are at their peak
And when they feel like they can offer enough
They then qualify to be a “wife-to-be”

Was going to be my special day
But I took too much time improving myself
And now it is too late
And yes I’m disappointed
I’m probably more disappointed than you
But I can’t give a man a premature crop
When he could have ripe fruit